Thursday, December 30, 2010

Butterscotch Bust!

I was slightly disappointed that nothing about my outfit was vintage, but that was quickly overruled because I felt so girly and actually pretty on a gloomy winter day!  I love the color of these boots, I finally got some maroon tights, the dress was comfortable, and I loved my accessories!  The bummer of the day was that my hand got cold and my awesomely decadent ring came flying off my finger and busted all over the floor... hopefully the hot glue gun can do some repairing... You would think considering the bigass Johnny Rocket's cheeseburger would put so much sodium in my system that my rings would never fly off.
But here is my last outfit post of the year!!!!  I think it's a good one... enjoy... be inspired... whatever works!
everyone should have butterscotch boots

Accessories and makeup!


My faithful wonderful photog!!! (making fun of me I think)

my ring before it died... and my manicure! i like doing it this way now!
What I wore:
F21 dress, coat, tights, socks, accessories, hat. Longchamp bag. H&M scarf!

Queen VII 

More of the same...

I feel like I should write the obligatory New Years Eve blog now... But I want to go about it a different way.  The thing about blogging is that you have an awesome way of journaling and cataloging your life with photos and words.  It kind of makes you feel more accountable for what you say and what you follow through with in your life.  I have 2010's New Years resolutions open on my screen and basically I kept none of those resolutions, but not to my distress (except for the weight loss one... I actually gained a few pounds).  I think I want to recap the awesomeness of my life this past year!

I learned to make Sushi! Bought a bbq! Drank more than I probably should have. Ate my weight in macaroons.

Traveled:  Experienced the amazing art and culture of The Hague, the blueness of Delft, revisited Metz, went to the chocolate factory museum in Koln, Munich (Legoland, BMW Welt), the lengendary Burg Eltz, fairytale Cochem, went back to Rudesheim and Strasbourg, Rothenberg o.d. Tauber was beautiful and interesting beyond compare, visited Paris for the last time, made it to Dublin finally, saw the sparkle of Antwerp.

I FINALLY  got my amazing camera and have been enjoying learning and playing with it.  It has been wonderful to capture photos of life and experiences in a way that I never could before.  I really hope that I can continue to learn and some day be able to have people to pay me to take their pictures!

I re-enrolled in school and am almost nearly on my way to finishing up my bachelor's degree!  I still have no idea what I truly want to do with my life, but I am getting there...

We enrolled Aveline in Tap/Ballet Class... and she honestly doesn't love it as much as I hoped she would, but she is getting so good and is so cute doing it!

I feel closer to my husband than ever before.

I have read some awesome books and seen some awesome shows and movies.

Thanks to my husband, we have become debt-free.

I have stayed in contact with my friends!  And maintained the awesome friendships I have here in Germany, and made some new ones too.

My brother got married and I was able to be there!!!!

I was able to go back to California twice! My mum was able to visit me twice this year!

I shopped too much.  Exercised too little. Drank many new teas.  Explored my surroundings even more!

I did not fill in my "daily journal" like I originally planned, but I did blog my little heart out!  I changed formats (move to blogger), added my info to Chictopia, got onto Bloglovin and discovered so many other amazing blogs to read.  I really love doing this and I love the blogging community.  I hope to continue doing this and expand on what I read and I hope to get more readers...
Fashion has been awesome this last year... I think my style is constantly evolving and blogging and posting outfits has been so much fun!  I love that I have such a simple way to try to be creative and I think I NEED to be creative!  I hope to eventually set up a pop-up shop or an online shop of clothes and vintage stuff for my readers and friends... and to do more DIY and cooking projects... organize my blog a little bit better as well.  Those are my goals for this blog for the next year! 

This next year there are going to be sooooo many changes... we are moving back to the United States.  I am going to be really invested in school.  Aveline is going to turn 4!  I can't wait for everything to happen.  I can't wait to take more pictures, travel to more places, cook more food, spend more time with friends and family.

So I don't think I am going to be making any solid new years resolutions.  I love Hugh Hefner's resolution...
"More of the same"

I could definitely have more of the same of this for a long time!!!!
xoxo.... Happy New Year!  may you all have more of all the good stuff in your life!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Staple

I have so much to do and so little time!  The new year is gonna finish with a bang!  I kinda wanna do something special for my wonderful husband because tomorrow is technically the last day we will spend together this year.  As a firefighter he works 24 hour shifts and is working the 31st... Avii will have to give me midnight kisses!
But I am still hosting a champagne and hor deurve party because we will be by the castle!  I am excited for it.  Our last NYE in Germany!  Onto new things in 2011!
So I got shopping and cleaning and organizing to do, and I just scheduled in a little photo-shoot session the morning of the 31st!  Hopefully it all turns out well...
Outfit post from what I wore the other day!  Some Christmas stuff... and I will probably vary a version of this outfit often!  New coat, new "riding" pants... love the look!

I love the lacing on the boots. Definitely not warm though.

What I wore:
Coat, pants from F21.  Boots and top from downtown shops.  H&M hat.  Accessories from my mums.  Balenciaga bag.

Back to cleaning and making lists for the store!!!!
Queen VII

Monday, December 27, 2010

Spoiled or Spoilt

I admit freely to living a very spoiled life.  My parents have spoiled me.  My husband spoils me.  My friends as well.  I try my hardest to deserve it though.  I really do.
Christmas was amazing and again I got a lot of wonderful things... (many new outfits to blog about)... but it was more fun to give gifts than to receive.  I love presents... giving or getting.
From now on though, things are going to be a bit more frugal around here.  We just paid off about 98% of my student loans, which I am super grateful for and it is a HUGE load off... but now we get to start saving all over again...  I have been used to leading the life of swiping my card and never worrying about being denied... ignorance is bliss I suppose... Just knowing the money is there... how spoiled am I?
Now I know figures...
But I do have some changes... some plans formulating...
Plans that affect the wardrobe and lifestyle even...
Details later...
For now, outfit of the day... actually yesterday... New Christmas Stockings!!!!! woohoo.  With the Christmas present Longchamp from my mums.  New hat, new rings!  Very comfy and happy and sparkly!

What I wore:
F21 Hat, accessories, stockings.  Secondhand sweater.  Boots no-name from downtown.  Longchamp bag.

What did you get for Christmas?!

Queen VII 

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas pt 1!!!!

This Christmas has been so amazing!  It will not be easily forgotten.  Christmas Eve was wonderful!
The food turned out great, I had amazing friends over, and everyone looked so nice!
It was the perfect evening to precede Christmas morning.

The wonderful Rivas family

The Ohler's, us, the Rivas's

Kiddie table!
The table setting
I wish I would have gotten a picture of all the delish food.  We had a corned beef that my husband managed to carve beautifully and sprinkle it with the peppercorns and boiled potatoes; roasted red potatoes, cran-apple chutney sauce, sage stuffing, wilted spinach with shallots and garlic and a delicious bowl of pasta salad made by Rebecca!

I'll continue on about Christmas later!!!!
Queen VII

What I wore:
Green turtleneck, black skirt and accessories from F21, flats from New Look, stockings from the BX.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

Click your heels 3 times!

I miss my family and friends back home in the US soooo much right now, but I feel so lucky and blessed to be with my own little family!  Jorden and Aveline and I have never spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day together... this will be the first time EVER!  Home is where your heart is and my heart belongs to the two of them!
I am so happy for Christmas to finally be here that I have sort of forgotten what I asked "santa" for... I think some clothes... some books... nothing major.  I am so happy that we will spend Christmas together and with good company as well!
I am going to be cooking a feast!  Corned Beef (my style! so yum!), roasti potatoes, wilted spinach, stuffing and cranberry sauce.  Cheesecake and pie.  Gluhwein and Egg Nog.  I feel blessed to have great friends who feel like family that I am able to celebrate with.  I wish there was more I could do for everyone who means so much to us.
THE SHOES... oh the shoes...

These are my NYE shoes... but they are so much more than that!  Definitely a splurge... and a sexy one at that.  I feel like Dorothy in Candyland with Willy Wonka for a date!  These are probably the tallest shoes I have ever owned, but luckily my husband is still taller than me when I am wearing them.  Stay-tuned for NYE glitz and glam starring these babies!!!
here's what i really wore... it was snow and slush outside

I gotta figure out how to get good indoor pictures with the crappy winter weather and lighting... I think a lot of bloggers out there are having similar issues... I have an amazing camera so I think I'll figure something out.

I wish all of you the Happiest of Holidays and the Merriest Christmas EVER!!!  Love you all!  Eat, drink, open presents and thank God, Jesus, whomever you may, for all the blessings in your lives!

What I wore:  
Vintage top, thrifted.  Levis mid-rise skinny jeans.  Dooney & Bourke bag.  Boots bought downtown.  Glitter heels bought on ebay!

Queen VII

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I see...

I believe, with everything in me, that glasses should be a very personal choice.  If you must wear them on your face they better look good... better than good.  I mean, it's your FACE and it's something you can do about what goes on it!  Unlike your nose... your nose is your nose... unless you get surgery... but glasses are definitely cheaper than surgery...
I love my Juicey Couture glasses... I have had them for almost 3 years now.  They are still in pretty decent shape, but I would love to get some new ones!!!!
Christian Dior

Emporio Armani

With my features, hair color and style I think I need to stick with the black tone frames, but I am loving the crystal clear addition.  I want something totally different, totally geeky!  These are my faves!  Maybe for mother's day or my birthday it will be within the budget to get some of these on my face!

Which do you think look best?

Queen VII

Friday, December 17, 2010

Want to craft...

There are so many things I wish and hope and dream I could do in my life.  I always want something, I always want to go somewhere... limited resources sometimes...
Sometimes you think of the simplest things and you wish you could just go to H&M or F21 or Urban Outfitters and just buy it!  But, alas it will not be there, because it exists only in your mind.
I want a t-shirt of particular awesomeness and I think the only way I will get it will be to DIY...

Take one of these tops:
American Apparel Le Big Tee



Buy some Lace or fabric of choice:

Cut out and hot glue or fabric glue or stitch on... (Hopefully the glue will work best).

Get results customized and a lot cheaper than these:

Audrey Kitching's Tokyolux $40

Urban Outfitters
I think it'll work out...
Just gotta bring into fruition!!!
Queen VII