Styling Accomplishments

From Rebecca Rivas, Italy:

"I'm a simple girl from San Antonio, Texas. When I met Vanessa I was just that, simple. Jeans, t-shirt and flip flops were my go to outfit. Not even a cute plain tee with cute accessories but gross, grapic tees like my favorite Dr Pepper shirt haha! Not cute. Then, I met this crazy girl from Cali with awesome style that immediately saw I was in need of some shopping. Her and I became great friends fast and began many shopping trips together. Not just to stores but online as well. She was always the best at finding me amazing clothes but for a great price and the best clothes for my body type. After our first few trips together I got the hang of it and have been receiving compliments on my clothes ever since. Even though we're an ocean apart she is still my go to person for style advice. Vanessa opened my style eyes and I can never go back to those ugly tshirts again. Thanks girlfran!"

 Find Rebecca's blog HERE, where she posts some of her own "new-found" style!

From Natalie Ahern, California:

 Subject: Thanks Love!

Hey you...I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much it means to me that you take the time before we go out just to dress me up.  You're so good at it!  My mom needs to go wardrobe shopping and I told her that we all should go since you are just excellent at picking out flattering clothes for any body type.  The dress you picked out for us going to Thunder Valley, the outfit you picked out to go out to Townhouse...I could name a million times you did such a fantastic job.  I would totally hire you to be my personal wardrobe stylist if I was a "baller"...but I'm not.  So, you are required to do it for free until then c; !  I love you Vanessa and I think you should maybe look into a career in this industry.  You would definitely make it a long, long ways!  Love you girl!  Talk to you soon!
Love you to pieces!

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