Monday, April 26, 2010

Travel: Flea Market Finds

Metz is a favorite little getaway city in my travel book. For many reasons actually... #1, it's in France!!! (which, many of you know is one of my favorite places to ever be!). #2, it's in France! :-) I get SO excited when I see the border crossing and the EU Frankreich sign! My heart skips a beat every time. #3, it is only about an hour away and it is sooo totally different than Germany. The shopping is better, the food is great. #3, it doesn't break the bank to just head on over.

We decided to hit up a huge Flea Market that only happens twice a year! Around 300 vendors, food stands, etc. Some things are amazingly expensive, but I am not a connoisseur of antiques so I honestly don't know the true value of things being sold. BUT, I had my little shopping list of hope-to-finds and I really did find!

My findings were:
A candy dish to use in my newly revamped upstairs bathroom, a baroque style dish for rings and hair things, a Parissiene fashion newspaper from nov. 4, 1900, and a still life by Breughel. I believe it is by Jan Breughel the Elder... from the 1600's... maybe a museum loss. I like it and have a kind of dim hallway that needed some decor. I am also going to frame and hang the newspaper!!! Oh! and Avii found a magic key!

The food was DELISH!!! The French know how to do it... bread with cheese with meat... always good for me :-)

Anways... that's all for now! Travel to a close or far thrift store or flea market and see what kind of awesomeness you can find!
Queen VII

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