Friday, May 7, 2010

Be more creative

I am lying in bed with my netbook right now lusting for Betsey Johnson purses and earrings... also expanding my F21 wish list and reading the fashion blogs I enjoy and thinking to myself "do I really need anything else?" Do I really need to shop? I have so much stuff... my closets and drawers are near to bursting... things with tags still on it and I want more? And this is after going through all my things and pulling out things that are worn out, totally outdated/unfitting, etc. What kind of a greedy bitch am I?
I am Jack's raging greedy fashion lust.
I have lots of clothes, and unfortunately weather does not permit dressing how I would always like... but I need to stop. take a deep breath. be creative.
Dressing up every day is a blessing and I am so grateful for everything that I have.

I spent the day cleaning up the guest room and getting it ready for my mums when she comes in 2 weeks. I also made a collage... my second one this week... it had a very blue and stripey theme to it... for my walk-in. I think I might make one or 2 more and then that room should be good. I framed and hung my La Petite Mode newspaper, the Innes family crest, and rehung the Breughel. I need to clean it and repolish the frame on it... but it looks better.

Most importantly, i went to my daughter's Gymnastics Exhibition today!!! So cute watching 2 and 3 year olds doing gymnastics... my Avii has the cutest legs in the world! She rocked her psychedlic leotard!!! She got her first trophy! I am so proud of her... she really did improve a lot. When she first started she would just sit and watch everyone rather than participate and now she became literally one of the best and strongest in her class.

Queen VII

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