Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Being a mother is the greatest and best thing about my life. I have a little girl who I get to spend every wonderful day with. She amazes me beyond words. I live 8,000 miles away from my family and closest friends, but she fills my heart with love and happiness and never lets me feel lonely! And I have to thank my wonderful husband for being the one who makes it possible for me to live the wonderful life that I do!

My day had to be on monday because my firefighter husband had to work sunday... which was fine because sundays are so boring out here anyways. Everything is closed. I woke up to Orchids and Donuts!!

We ate, I got super beautiful cards and a vintage chain mail purse and a cute decoration sign for my dressing room! We got ready and headed out of town to Mannheim to go shopping!!! I got some really cute stuff... it was almost better than if he had bought me something to open. The act of shopping was a gift in itself! So fun! Mannheim seems like a really cool city too. Much bigger and better than Kaiserslautern where we live!

We headed back homewards and were going to eat at a restuarant but decided we'll go on Wednesday instead... it will be better. We ate leftover fajitas though, so I still did not have to cook! Went out and drank some guinness and had game night with friends... It was a really fulfilling and fun day!!!

We are such geeks!!! I Love LOVE LOVE her!!!!

I am so lucky! I never thought I would be a mom so soon and now I am done celebrating my 3rd one!!!! Crazy!!! Now I gotta start father's day shopping for the best daddy in the world!

Love and roses,

Queen VII

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  1. what a pretty pictures x


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