Thursday, May 13, 2010

Outfit of the Day...

Sailor inspired fashion is nothing new... and I have always loved it... nautical stripes, navy blue, anchors... one time I even bought a pair of sailor button jeans... the peacoat is always a favorite.

Who is everyone's favorite sailor? Popeye of course!!!! and there is no popeye without Bluto!

So here is what I wore yesterday... this muggy, overcast, wet weather we are having is clearly making me miss the coast and the ocean.

I dont really remember Popeye cartoons looking like this!!:

The hat and purse are both from Goodwill.

Blazer is thrifted from here in Germany.

Grey tee from H&M... softest material EVER! Bangles also from H&M.

Vintage Betsey Johnson treasure necklace!!! My fave... haven't worn it in a while.

Tights and studded skinny belt and brooch are from F21. The tights are actually a really cool black and brown slashy design but opaque.

Boots I think i got at a Ross... shorts are from Target a few years ago...

Chanel crystal stud earrings.

It is middle of May and things should be getting sunnier and warmer.... aaaand they aren't. Not til sunday at least. My mums gets in on next Thursday... I think I'll start stressing a little on Sunday...


Queen VII

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