Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Outfit of the Days... favorite

As much as I LOVE dressing crazy and fancy and colorful and excessive, I kinda feel like this outfit is who I really am a lot of the time. This is my favorite, most comfortable outfit. My husband compliments me everytime I wear this.

Things don't always have to be so complicated is what I am trying to say I guess.

Black American Apparel Deep V Neck t-shirt.

Abercrombie & Fitch Erin Skinny jeans.

Betsey Johnson Purse.

Black Tall Classic Uggs.

Black wool beret from Paris.

Betsey Johnson earrings from my best friend.

Flower cutout cuff from Charlotte Russe.

Rose Cameo ring my husband bought me from F21.

Crazy painted nails.

Hints of blue hair...

I really like this new enamel rose necklace.

The nose ring... had it for about a year now... can't get up the courage to change from pink... i am too self conscious about mixing metals... pink is girlie and totally neutral to silver and gold.

I will always wear too much eyeliner, lots of lipgloss and hairspray for days!

I will not part with my beauty mark.

So until next time....

Queen VII

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