Monday, May 17, 2010

Photography... walkabouts

Today has been kinda a lazy but busy monday... The Hubz was off and we stayed in all day... in our sweats... cleaning, watching Glee and just had an amazing dinner courtesy of a recipe from I am so excited to be spring cleaning and getting ready for my mums to be here on Thursday! It's so crazy and awesome that she is coming on her own, just finished with nursing school. I am beyond proud of her...

It's crazy to think about how completely different I am from my mum, but we get along so well and like a lot of the same things... we are on such a similar frequency... there have been countless times when we have been shopping and she will pick something up that I will already be holding, or vice versa. But our styles are so different now... she is tan and beautiful and dresses better than most people I know. Her house is an oasis of neutrals and dark jewel tones. I am pale and punky and my house has all the colors of the rainbow with splashes of black and white! Sometimes we don't always agree on things, but we always get along and have fun together... and her and Avii have the best most crazy silly bond! This trip is going to be a nice vacation and I am going to see to it that she eats lots of yummy food (she cooks amazing, but again, my style of cooking is SO different from hers), relaxes, sees some great amazing, awesome sites... and if she reads it will either be travel books, magazines, blogs or Danielle Steele! And she will model for me... I want her to be her crazy, relaxed, beautiful self... she has been so so so busy. Hopefully she can bring me some California Sunshine!!!!

Yesterday was the first fully sunny, nice day we had. It was a little chilly, but perfect otherwise... our friends invited us to go romp about in the woods and I found some inspiration... I have been disappointedly lacking... and having a new camera I need to have some ideas!!!!

I have always wanted to do a railroad tracks photoshoot... definitely did some location scouting while walking out in the woods!

So I gotta get back to cleaning and whatnot. This was a nice break!


Queen VII

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  1. I love the railroad tracks! that would be a nice location for a photo shoot!


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