Thursday, May 20, 2010

This is my Bitch Face

I have a lot on my mind right now... and a lot of it is pissing me off... and frankly, I hate to be pissed off. Especially when it is not my problem.

You know that saying "you can't help those who won't help themselves"? I try to internalize that and really understand it. I love my family and friends and am here for them no matter WHAT. Life can totally suck sometimes... it does for everyone. BUT the truth in my world remains that: Life DOES NOT NEED TO BE SO COMPLICATED. I do not let my life be complicated if I can help it. The toughest decisions i normally ever make in a day is "what am i going to wear?" and "what should we have for lunch?" and that is the God's Honest truth! You can bet your biscuits... just ask my husband.

I don't know if everyone is as fortunate as me... I have an amazing husband who loves me and who is good with money and that can be the source of stress for a lot of people... relationships and money I mean... and I dont technically have a job, so I thereby feel like I need to prove that I lack stress, even though some days can be tedious. Anyways. Regardless of your situation I think everyone can be happy. What pisses me the fuck off is when people basically CHOOSE not to be happy. They make the same mistakes over and over and over again and let the same bullshit stink up their lives consistently. It's people like that that I want to write off, because, again "you can't help those who won't help themselves"!!!!! GET IT? makes sense to me!

One of the mottos in life I live by is: It's all about perspective.


I used to suffer from major anxiety at a shit point in my life. And I realized that I really needed to just refocus rather than find a crutch or medications or drugs.

Work sucks: do something about it. Or try to get a new job. Be positive and put forth your best effort til things get better... suck it up!

Relationship sucks: get a mediator and TALK AND LISTEN to each other. Not THAT difficult. Listening and learning your significant other is the ONLY way to make things work.

You're bored/lonely: go for a walk, read a book... there are millions out there! listen to music or pick up a hobby and create something! I made it a point in my brain to NEVER let boredom cross my mind. I think I have become overly passionate about little things. I cook, do crafts, read lots of books, blogging has become awesome to me, photography, facebook, walks, skateboarding, reading magazines, doing my nails, dreaming up outfits. These are all things I do just for ME. Not things I even include Avii in necessarily and she takes up a big part of my day! I like being with people. I like my "me" time. NEVER be bored or lonely. There is no reason.

The next time you try to get sympathy out of me, or pity, or reaction to your bullshit or drama, think about what there REALLY, TRULY is to stress about and know what I will say: THINK POSITIVE. Don't ask me for advice. Don't expect me to help you if you aren't willing to help yourself also. I have overcome some nasty habits, terrible issues and more with the power of positive thinking and wanting to change and using my actions to prove it. I am sick and tired of other people using me and solving nothing in their lives.

We only have this life. It is short. And I truly believe it can be sweet for the most part. Think about the positive things in your life. The awesome clothes you might have, or the car you drive, or that picture you took, or your husband or boyfriend or wife or girlfriend, your spirituality, your health... think about all there is to be grateful for in your life and stop bitching and complaining. If you DO have something to bitch and complain about DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT... for fuck's sake!!! Don't be stupid and think that problems will just disappear while you keep thinking negatively. There are many people out there suffering a LOT worse than you... think about the unfortunate in the Middle East, people dying and losing family members, children suffering abuse and starvation. THOSE are issues to be sad for. I have love and sympathy for all my family and friends. But I will never pity you if you bring your bullshit drama to yourself.


sorry for being a bitch... but, not really.

Queen VII


  1. I love it! I am someone who has done a lot of complaining lately, and I really shouldn't. I have a GREAT life with a GREAT family and need to count my blessings for that!!! And, I am seeing more and more, with the things going on around my with my friends, that I should stop complaining because all it does is make things worse!

    The nice thing is that I am taking steps to better my outlook, and focus on the wonderful stuff thats right in front of my face! and though it took a while to get here, I am glad I made it to this point before any serious damage was done!

  2. I always say look at your life as a cup half full and you wont worry or bitch about it being half empty, positive thinking means no stinkin thinkin! I just went through a difficult time in my life and I came through with a positive attitude and when I hear others throwing negative attitudes at me I just want to get the f away. So here I am in Germany having a great spite of my black & blue twisted ankle and delayed arrival. Im thankful and greatful for my cup half full...actually totally full!!! luv my V & A & J : )


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