Thursday, June 3, 2010

Don't Leave me!

It is after midnight but I never count the day over until i wake up the next morning... I am thoroughly exhausted! Visited TWO castles today... the Burg Eltz and the Burg Thurant... Burg Eltz... one of the coolest castles EVER... and it is still owned by part of the original family... Count Von Eltz-something or other... 33 generations later!!! Holy MOLY!

Ate awesome goulasch soup with bread for lunch and wild garlic flammkuchen for dinner... totally needing to go on a diet after my mom leaves... i have been going out to eat so much! And indulging in ever German specialty... which none are low cal, or low sodium or low anything... but oh so very tastey!!!! And ice cream every day is always a plus!

I am thinking about my birthday next month... I LOVE birthdays... including my own... not gonna lie :-) I want a new tattoo really bad... i am thinking the Fleur de Lis on my right forearm is next :-) BUT i really want a leg tattoo... i want an icecream cone, pretty and colorful on the back of my calf... super girlie and sweet. Ice Cream is more important and more relative to my life than anyone might actually believe... so it would not be stupid to get it :-)

I have been on a shopping spree with my mom... we have hit up K-town 3 times i think... i should do a haul or a fashion show of all the great stuff i have gotten and that she has gotten! it as been too much fun... shopping with my mom is awesomely dangerous to the bank account though... I have scored shoes (snakeskin flats, ankle wrapped flats), pink jeans, harem pants, a black jumpsuit (that i think may be a little too see-through on sunny days. not good!), some amazing boots (for only 5 euros a pair!), some cute tops, and antique books... Gulliver's Travels, a first edition is one of them!!!! Ok, done bragging... too excited about what I have gotten and even what my mom has gotten. good thing she brought her extra luggage!

I have also scored some giftage!!!! Stuff for the besties who have b-days coming up soon, something for my daddio and my hubz for Fahshzah's Day!! I got avii some cutie stuff too... Still need to buy some cards and whatnot though....

Anywhoo... i am so tired... i want to blog more but i need to do some major photo editing coming up here... i am just going to try to enjoy the next few days i have with my beloved Mumsie... she is my Oats... i could not be who i am without her! I am going to cry my face off when she has to leave me and avii :-(

Here we are at Yabadoo... its a fun place full of trampolines and inflatables and slides and stinky feet... i am wearing my customized vintage power rangers t shirt that i stole from my brother, and jeans from the Vans store (my fave skate brand!). my mums is so cute... i think she is wearing H&M, and a foot brace from the Apotheke :-(

Off to Strasbourg, France tomorrow!!! if you dont know already... i have a mini love affair with Strasbourg... mi petit france!!!!


Queen VII

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