Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Goals UPdate... 6 months

It is my quarterly update... 2nd quarter... already so many many changes... My life is constantly in evolution and I am not one to stay the course...

Thus far I have abandoned the daily journal. It was disappointingly uninspiring. It did not do for me what I had hoped it would. I finally have my camera and it felt like Christmas upon receiving it!!! I now need to really dig into it and learn A LOT.

I need to work out and get in shape. My health and wellness is so important. I am too young to feel this tired all the time and run out of breath so easily. Plus... the muffin top is exceeding maximum capacity... that is a no-go. I have put on and kept 10 pounds in the last 2 years. I would like to be rid of at least those 10 pounds and feel a lot more fit! Vegetarianism on the days Jorden works and healthier eating and drinking all around.

Educationally for Aveline... I need to continue to work with her and feed her super hungry mind. New things all the time... she knows all her letters and numbers. She is better at counting. She needs to re-remember her days of the week and learn her months. She needs to learn to tell time on a clock. I am refusing to do the "learn words by memory" thing. I think that those sight recognition programs do not help a child learn how to read. They do not teach a child to learn how to spell and sound out things on their own. I need to work on phonics with Aveline and teach her to read by letter sight and sound. I think it's the right way. Also I need to work on her writing and practice a lot with that. We are debating placing her in a German Kindergarten... not sure what to do regarding that aspect yet.

Summer is finally here it feels like, and we have some fun plans. But I forsee Fall on the horizon and on that horizon I forsee school for myself. I need to figure out my options. I have University of Maryland or University of Phoenix business school. I have come to realize that I really really do want a lot of things in life. I want security and comforts. I want to help support my family and fund my fashion cravings and photography and traveling endeavors. I want a vacation home in France or Holland some day in the far future. I cannot count on or expect anyone to fully support me. Jorden promised he would always support me and the family and I give him great thanks for that and hope he continues to, but I want a LOT in life and I think I need to help myself get it... and it's not all just for me. And I am so inspired to go back and finish school. So many people are graduating and though not all of them are doing what their degrees state, they are going to go farther in life in the future hopefully. I want to make it as an artist, photog and writer, but I think I need some reinforcement. I am going tomorrow to see what kind of plans I can set up for the fall semester.

That was kind of heavy.

I have shopped a lot lately... got some great things... still trying to wear lots of vintage and vintage-inspired pieces and looks. I am becoming continuously devoted to blogging... I want to attain more readership. Anyone have clues on how to do that?


I will continue to cook, read, shop, and do everything I can to make my family's life great. I need to gain some energy and put some effort into really making things happen. I got one more year left here in Germany. A total of 3 years left in the military. I need to take advantage before time runs OUT during my easy ride.


Queen VII

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