Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lust... purse!

The Longchamp Le Pliage Bag. Small. Top handle. Black.

Why on Earth do I want this amazingly simple bag? Is it because it is Longchamp from Paris? It is called the "shopper" bag? is it because I see so many girls in the big cities workin them? Is it because I am inspired by my new camel colored boots?
I would say: ALL of the above and more...
Sometimes the simplest things in life and fashion are the most difficult things to come by and the things that are worth spending the money on...
For example... Black classic Uggs are my favorite shoes in the world. Black deep v-neck american apparel t-shirt is my most worn item of clothing... the right pair of jeans, my wayfarer sunglasses, black Parisienne beret... simple, neat, clean cut, classic. I think I need this bag... it fits the protocol.
It is going for 60 euros at a leatherwear store in Kaiserslautern, but for a lot more in department stores I think. It comes in a zillion colors and actually a longer handle one... i think i like the short handle though...
UUUUUhhhhh... purse lust... it hurts!

xoxo... (hubby, i hope you read this! hint hint!)

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