Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Outfit... Date Night!

Having my mom around allowed us to have a date night! It was interesting and weird at the same time to be alone together.... Haven't done it in over a year I think! We are not ones to leave our daughter with anyone... not that we don't trust our close friends out here at all and if we really needed to, we know we could leave her, but we choose not to inconvenience anyone... she's ours and we love having her around all the time. My mom all but booted us out the door to go on a "hot date".

I took advantage and got dressed up a lil bit!

This is one of the town squares in Kaiserslautern...

I wore my sequin vintage top! I felt like it was something a mermaid would like ;-)

Buckle Jeans, Vintage navy leather bag and a F21 cameo pin.

Espadrille wedges from old navy about 7 years ago!

Pearls and pearls and cocktail rings!

Wearing my Audrey nail color from china glaze!

For date night we went to the Spinradl... which i assume means spindle because there were spindle images around the restaurant. It is the oldest half timber building in K-town... the menu was interesting with things like Aspic and stuffed pigs belly. I got something traditionally german but not too old fashioned and scary! Te Schwarzriesling I had with dinner was AMAZING.

Yeah... we love each other!!! Jorden had said he doubted my top a little bit when i bought it, but then he said it looked really great on me so that made me happy!


Queen VII

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