Thursday, June 17, 2010

Outfit... footballs and boy clothes

Today has gone by much too fast! Went to an appointment that didn't go right, had an awesome omelette and then when thrifting again!!!! only scored two good things... a vintage camel colored leather coach purse... it is SO cute. I might need to force myself to stop using my Longchamp bag... and a J. Crew navy blue skirt. I am going to be watching Mad Men for the next few hours most likely now...

My husband said my shoes reminded him of footballs... I don't know... I guess they kinda look like footballs! My inspiration for this outfit came from Calivintage. Kinda boyish... but still girlie with the pearls and whatnot!

Thrifted blazer.
White burnout tee.
F21 Jeans.
"Football" sneakers.
Braided belt.
Longchamp purse.
Pearls and things.

Queen VII

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