Thursday, June 10, 2010

Outfit... Hiking Stripes and Nail DIY!

I love stripes... a lot... I will always wear stripes and I don't care if I look fat! Summer is here and it is so odd, warm, and a cool wind, but muggy and humid to a very small degree. I don't care much for summers in Germany... it makes getting dressed an issue sometimes... especially for someone that likes to wear jeans year round.

I have be revolving my outfits around my purse lately!!! Le Pliage from Longchamp!!! LOVE it! like so much!

Fun manicure using For Audrey by China Glaze and black... my secret to doing french style tips at home? Do the first coat of whatever color you like, make sure it gets really dry! use SCOTCH TAPE to mark your tips and then paint the exposed nail. Peel the tape off and you have salon perfect tips! I put contrasting dots on mine!

It is so bushy and green and beautiful... this is very near where I live!!!

My pretty girl and I at te Bismark Tower! She looks so cute in her minnie mouse top and flip flops. Top from H&M, flip flops from Disney Store.

Jeans, sandals from F21. Top from H&M. Belt is vintage. Bag is Longchamp (of course!)


Queen VII

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