Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Outfit of the Day... Florals!

I tend to be very easily influenced by certain patterns and trends. I have been in an anchor phase, skull phase, striped phase, purple phase, turquoise phase... and lately... well not lately, it has been going on for a while now... a floral phase! and i can't seem to shake it! I love things that are colorful and dramatic!

This outfit was worn to travel to Munich... comfortable and fun with the floral pattern tank and the mixed color denims.

Gap jean jacket-thrifted. American Apparel deep v-neck over H&M floral tank top. Light pink jeans. Black classic Uggs. Lots of pearls and black enamel! If it wasnt so cold out I migt have skipped the black t-shirt...

I knew there would be lots of trendy, stylish, chic girls all over Strasbourg, France... the day we went and I wore this outfit it was HOT and sunny all day... I tried to keep up.

Hat- F21. Light pink v-neck tee - American Apparel. Floral skirt - H&M. Patent black flats - Payless Shoes. Purse - Harvey's Seatbelt Bag.

So there are two outfits... floral inspired, one for cooler weather and one for warmer... I hope I can stick with florals and not look grannyish or juvenile...

Are you wearing florals at all? For or against?


Queen VII

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