Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Outfit... ready to work!

Today was finally nice and warm!!! it only made me realize that there is no point in even attempting to try to get a tan around here. The clouds will be back before there is any chance of making the tan last... anyways... however, today was a perfect day to work and work for me is photography!!!!

I chose to do my outfit pics back on the white wall again!!! LOVE the new espadrilles my hunny bought for me. I was looking for the perfect ones and found them in Frankfurt for 15 euros!!! I like that they are not too tall! Perfect and girly yet comfortable.

Felt comfortable today and prepped for a photoshoot. Wearing shorts from Target, H&M sheer tank top. Espadrilles bought in Frankfurt, thrifted denim vest, the Longchamp bag reappears and Betsey Johnson accessories!

Got lots of photo editing to do tomorrow!


Queen VII

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