Monday, June 28, 2010

Outfit... summer lovin.

Two years ago I found these awesome round hay bales! I am a city city suburb city girl and damn proud of it, but I had never seen bales like these... I thought they made for great photo scenery. So I am back again taking new pics with them... couldn't resist!

I don't claim to be outdoorsy... I can handle the outdoors in small doses... I am trying to get better about it. Aveline loves playing outside! It has been getting nice and hot here in Germany which is fine except for lack of a/c. Been to the pool twice so far and see us going there again quite soon!

My favorite time of day is dusk, when the air is starting to cool down and the sun is golden... We went out to dinner this evening and it was fun to get a little dressed up and make a stop to take some pictures on the hay bales.

It's summer time and it can be easy for me to recede and hide and try to stay made in the shade, but I got a lot going on... getting back to school, getting my photography going and being really into my blog. I really want to expand and get more readers! I need to deal with the heat, enjoy it and keep chuggin along!

I am wearing:

H&M tank top.

Shorts bought at the BX.

Thrifted belt and purse.

Pearls, from my mom and other accessories from F21.

Beaded satin espadrilles.


Queen VII

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