Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Outfit... "that's different"

When I walked by my husband yesterday the first thing he said was "you look different". I guess that sums up my outfit pretty good. I felt like doing something different!

Yesterday was pretty great except for the fact that I felt like I could fall asleep at any moment. Maybe my iron level is really low? I have been craving steak and eggs... sometimes that's a sign for me. Anyways! We thrifting, went to the park. I totally scored at the thrift store!!! I finally got my manly girl slacks I have been wanting for so long! I got a red and gold straw purse... they are really popular out here in Europe... I thought a red one with gold accents was totally random! A sweet lacey crop top, and lots of VHS tapes and a painted vase! I think I have a vase collection going now... Some totally cute belts! and Avii got a flower scarf she really wanted!

I wore this outfit and on base got more than one odd look about the socks. It was a tiny bit chilly out considering how sunny it was. I liked it!

F21 silk top with little pocket.

Black skirt... not sure where from. Maybe a good BX find!!

Vintage belt.

Gold flats bought off ebay.

My Longchamp bag of course... can't get enough of it!!!

Lots of gold and pearls!!!!

Has anyone been thrifting lately?


Queen VII

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