Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thrifting Excursion

Today was awesome and I am so stupid for not thinking about it before... I finally figured out that German thrift stores are called "Second Hand" shops. Henceforth look up "second hand shops" in the local phone directory and there you have it! We found 4 within 1000 meters!!

There is little more I enjoy shopping for than awesome vintage pieces. Thrifting in Germany proved to be rather interesting!

What surprised me most was the prices of things considering I could hardly find one designer label. Prices like 9,80. 14,70. 37,90. I managed to find an amazing cobalt blue silk pencil skirt for 1 euro, a leopard print jumper for 4,50 and a awesomely perfect vintage bikini for 5,70!!!!

My most important thrifting tip is never shop for reliable basics. You have H&M, Forever 21 and department stores for your black and white tees and tanks and jeans. Search for awesome pieces that will stand out and make your outfit amazing or unique!

My outfit:

Thrifted jean dress, lace tanktop shell, belt.

Forever 21 floppy hat.

Longchamp bag.

Strappy Espadrilles!

Go summer thrifting and see what you find!


Queen VII

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