Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Travel Update

I have not posted in more than a week and I have missed it!!!

There is lots to write about and every time I would get to sit down to write I would be totally tired!!!!

So far I have been enjoying spending time with my mums... the time is dwindling :-(

We have traveled to Koln, Metz, Rudesheim, Kaiserslautern, Cochem, Munich and we are still going to travel to the Burg Eltz and Strasbourg. This trip has been awesomely relaxing. Lots of food and yummy drinks and lots and lots of SHOPPING!!!

Cochem Castle was probably the best castle I have ever gone to. It was beautifully restored and it was overlooking the Mosel River. For anyone that lives near me it is definitely an AWESOME day trip to attempt!!!

Metz is one of my FAVE getaways from Germany... so close yet so completely different... of course it IS France. We went and grabbed a croque, did some shopping, had some coffee and macaroon and saw the most amazing windows in a cathedral for hours around!!!! Marc Chagall is one of my favorite artists and seeing his windows in St. Etienne always bring me to tears!

I could write a whole blog about Koln! And i think i will later... We went to the Chocolate Museum and the Fragrance Museum and checked out their world famous cathedral... the tallest/biggest in western europe I think!

Rudesheim is another fave city of mine. It is on the Rhein River and has a beautiful hillside covered in vineyards. There is a gondola ride that you can take over the vineyards up to the Niederwald Statue... it is the Watch Over the Rhein and beautiful beyond words and the view is like nothing i have ever seen. Be sure to walk the Drosselgasse when you get back down!

Munich was amazing but i'll write more about that next time...

Today we are off to maybe do some antique book shopping and maybe take a walk to our neighborhood castle!


Queen VII

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