Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What a HUMP day!

So today was kind of a crazy day in both good and bad aspects. It was hot as hell of course... I don't handle heat well... it makes me so sluggish and tired feeling... and i am tired of feeling tired all the time. I slept in with Aveline until 11 this morning which is completely ridiculous!

We got up, went on base and rented some movies, blah blah blah. Our main goal was getting to the thrift store when it opened at 2 so we could by the "bones game" that Aveline has been asking for for over a week (Operation, people!). They didn't have it but she was satisfied with getting Hi Ho Cherry-O. We were mutually happy with scoring the Brave Little Toaster and Monsters Inc. on vhs. And I was happy with some amazing premium Levi's, a knockoff le pliage tote that is new, and a mesh top! All for 9 bucks!

After thrifting we headed downtown to find a birthday present, a shopping trolley and a shirt for Aveline for Independence day. All of the above were found on top of a chartreuse skirt for 1 euro! and a summer dress marked down and a straw hat. Hats are necessary for frizz muggy days! Yeah, i am going to get yelled at! Maybe I need to turn my atm card in... my husband is going to kill me! I have a shopping problem and I think it's back! Too many good deals and a decent euro rate! Ack!

I have been needing/wanting a shopping trolley! I want to use it when we go to Legoland, to the pool, on picnics... so much easier than lugging bags and a cooler around!

So after shopping I got a negative phone call from the hubz, wondering what I was doing downtown... I had warned him to change my tire last night because it looked low and I had errands to run. SO, shitty phone call, then predicted flat tire!!!! I was stuck downtown and wound up having to change my tire... I was wearing a mini skirt!!!

A nice German guy came up to me to help poor little girlie me. He helped and then asked if I could teach his son English because his girlfriend is in New Jersey?!?! I told him I don't speak German. He said it was ok!!! Can't someone just do a good deed and then go on with life?! Geez! I do! Luckily my spare had air in it and it is a full size tire and not just a little donut!

I am done for the day... going to wash some of my thrifted items, organize some things and chillax! Hectic day!!!!

Sorry if I look a little haggard. It was a crazy day. Everything happened within about 3-4 hours too! This is what I wore today!

H&M mini skirt, Crop top from C&A. F21 gladiator sandals.

Hopefully your Wednesday is better than mine!


Queen VII

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