Sunday, June 13, 2010

Who are the people in your neighborhood...

You know those people in the neighborhood that always have people over, are always cooking and are always loud and causing ruckus! Well... I am those people/person. I love having company... i think after having my mums here for a few weeks I have been feeling a bit social...

We had some majorly huge chicken fajita burritos... then went for a walk and let Aveline drive around the neighborhood in her NEW Barbie Jeep! So fun... she's a pretty good driver!

I enjoyed walking around with my lil family... enjoying our neighborhood and drinking a Guinness. I really do love our neighborhood. We live walking distance from a castle, all the houses are so pretty. I think I am going to do more of my outfit posts and whatnot out and around.

I'm an Innes and I love me some Guinness!!!! hahahaha!

cool tree!!!

this house is so cool! it's HUGE... only 3 people live in it!

I realized I will never live in a place as cool or interesting as Europe, nor a neighborhood as beautiful as this. I am very grateful.

Wearing crop top from C&A. Buckle jeans. Snakeskin flats. Betsey Johnson necklace and random accessories to match.

Feeling thrifty... going thrifting tomorrow... wish me luck!!!


Queen VII

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