Thursday, July 8, 2010


It's 90 degrees again with no air conditioning and I have to bake a cake... nothing except a nap sounds fun right about now...

Nothing is comfortable to wear except for skirts and dresses. I found this skirt to be surprisingly cool. It kind of billowed and let the air flow! I discovered the pockets right when this pic was taken! I have been wanting a skirt or dress with pockets!

This outfit was kind of Mad Men inspired! I love the style of the 60's!!! I wish I wore this outfit somewhere better than just to run errands on base but whatever! Headed to Munich soon so maybe I'll bring it with me! (Gotta love the Chartreuse Mini!!!) I need to learn another way to style this skirt. I feel like I will always wear it like this.

So what I am totally stoked about is my birthday party tomorrow! Hopefully I can get some energy up and look awesome!!! I am so happy that I am going to have my little family and my friends wit me to celebrate.

Things are going to be so busy. Party Friday. Recover from party on Saturday, clean and do laundry. Sunday is Cirque du Soleil!!! Monday leave for Legoland (monday is also my actual birthday!). Tuesday, head into Munich and spend the day there, do the BMW tour. Wednesday I start my online classes wit University of Phoenix!!!!

A lot going on! Usually I am not this busy. It's pretty exciting!!!

Outfit: H&M tank top.

J.Crew skirt, thrifted.

Vintage belt.

Accessories are Coach, ebay, Love Culture, Nordstrom's BP

Snakeskin flats

Headscarf from Paris.

Longchamp bag.


Queen VII

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  1. i really do like your skirt! love its length.. x


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