Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fall/Winter wishes...

It seems like summer was short-lived... unless it is going to make a comeback with a vengeance!  (This is why I don't invest much in bathsuits!).  It is in the 60's and pouring rain right now... making me feel totally in between seasons and making me bring out the teas and red wines I drink when it's chilly.

I am addicted to fall... it is my favorite season... I am a jeans & boots kinda girl!!!  I have a fetish for scarves!  For the last couple years I have been doing pretty good in the hats/beret department... 

This year I am hoping to add more to the scarf and hat collection and also to the stocking section!  I get enough jeans-wear in the winter when it is snowing or raining constantly.  This fall I definitely want to rock some stockings before it gets into the 30's F weather!

I am pretty curious about what the fall trends will be... well regardless of what they will be I am more curious about what I will be able to wear, what will be in here in Germany... so on and so forth.  Anyhow... here are a few things on my wish list:

American Apparel Wool Floppy hat.  $40, which seems like a lot compared to my $6.50 straw one from F21, but I love the floppy hat look and the wool would be the best material!!!!

Hunter Wellingtons, $125.  The rain boots of the queen!  I know I won't get them, so I will happily settle for...

Nomad Hurrican Wellies, $55.  I am not about to ruin another pair of Uggs by wearing them out in the rain!
I am debating between the pretty anorak (40 euros) and a classic trench (50 euros).  These are both from H&M.  Very few shops have jackets and coats out for fall yet though, so I will definitely wait.

I'll leave it at that for the moment!  Hat, Jacket, Boots.
What's on your wishlist for fall/winter?

Queen VII

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