Thursday, July 22, 2010

Halloween thoughts...

If you don't already know... I have a sllliiight obsession with Halloween... I think about it all year long!  Seriously!  I think up and dream up costumes non-stop!  I always have... and it being only 3 months away I am a-plannin!!!!!!

I am not trying to give away too much info but I am planning on either being a sexy clown or a hottie droog from A Clockwork Orange... of course I want to coordinate with the husband because it makes for better pictures.  I think if I am a sexy clown he should be a French mime sort of clown (because that would be so sexy on him!) or a trampy Charlie Chaplin type!  He could totally rock that look!  And if I am a droog then he must be one as well!

There is something more fun about putting a costume together, rather than just buying a packaged one.  Or if I buy a packaged one, I like to add my own touches to it to make it more fun and unique!  I also like it to be sort of stylish!

I am seeking inspiration from these photos!!! What do you think?! What do you want to be for Halloween?

Queen VII

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