Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My AWEsome birthday weekend!!!

You can call me a spoiled brat, but in my world, people get birthday weekends! Sometimes one day is just NOT enough... if I am celebrating the birth, the LIFE of someone I love and care about, I want to have dinner and breakfast and a party and an activity and lots of presents all for them! My parents did it for me! AND now I had it done for me AGAIN!

There are too many good pictures to share! I had so much fun starting Friday the 9th. It was my birthday dinner and party! We had dinner at the Spinnradl which is totally old school traditional Deutsch!!!! It was hot and sweaty as ballsacks but we still had a nice time! Then we went back to my house and partied the night away! We had spaghetti and meatball cake, champagne, presents, Chartreuse! It was too fun!

I got to wear 2 dresses! My "Marla" dress as I call it.. pink, frilly, girlie! And my Frenchy Mime dress!!! more comfortable and sexy!

OH!!! I almost forgot! That morning of the 9th I finally got to see Eclipse! I totally wore my Cullen shirt!

Anyways... I was totally spoiled! Had good foods, so many friends and the kids all around! The gifts I got were awesome!!! I am so lucky to have such cool friends and such an amazing husband!!!! Uggs people! Fresh, clean and new!!! It's like getting a new car for me!!!

Sunday we went to Frankfurt for Cirque du Soleil with some close friends! It was so incredible! They are like the most beautiful clowns and there are people singing and live orchestra! It really was like an opera!!! I got to wear my Rodarte dress!!!

It was so awesome!!!! We all really enjoyed the show! No pictures of course, but I will not easily forget. The next morning was my actual birthday, July 12th!!! And we left early to head southwards to Gunzburg towards LEGOLAND!!!

I don't know if I am easily impressed or what, but the place was awesome/incredibly/amazing!!!! Who knew what people could do with Legos?!

The rides were fun and it was just awesome to see Avii having the time of her life! She is so awesome!

I wore a dress my hubz bought me for my birthday... it's from F21!

We finished up the night in Munich and stayed at a really nice 4 star hotel, drove into Munich the next day and finished my birthday with a tour of the BMW Plant! That was incredible... I have a new appreciation for technology and robotics... no pics allowed though...

I didn't get in any pics that day and I regret not getting pictures at the hotel because it was lovely.. oh well... I have had such a wonderful birthday weekend! I want to thank every single person that hung out with me, wished me well, sent me something in the mail... it's too much!!! I don't know how any other birthday will compare! I feel so lucky and so loved. Thank you with all my heart,

Queen VII

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