Saturday, July 24, 2010

Overdo it...

The weekend is here... not that it means too much to me and my family.  We are on a different schedule... Sunday, Monday, Tuesday is actually my "weekend" every other week with my family.  And I still have homework to do now that I have started school!
The weather has totally changed and I kind of like it!  If finally was cool enough to wear jeans!  And I am a total jeans person!  Hopefully the weather is good enough for us to go to Rothenburg or Saarbrucken this "weekend."  Those are the plans.
Style tip for the week:  Wear your jeans and a tee or tank and wear a billion and one accessories!  You'll feel fancy! I swear!

Forever 21 stretch skinny jeans, Jadore ring, bracelet, cross and pearl necklace.
H&M sheer white tank and sandals.
Betsey Johnson necklace.
Vintage Coach purse.

Have a great weekend peeps!  Let me know how yours goes!!!

Queen VII

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