Saturday, July 24, 2010

Seeing blue

There are times in your life when you meet people who are so akin to what you have been through and where you want to go... those people come into your life for a reason.  I feel very blessed for all of the friends I do have and love them dearly!  Pia is a newer friend of mine and she is so fun!  She is a lover of modeling and clothes and just having a good time!  She is a kindred spirit and I adore her!  She is fun, beautiful, kind as can be and so silly!  She is also the first German friend I have made out here, which says a lot considering I have been here for over two years already.
We had a girls night out and here are some of the results of our camera fun fetish!

Soft sheer crop top from H&M.
Vintage blue silk skirt.
Chinese Laundry shoes.
Betsey Johnson purse.
I think I am going to write about my friends more often!!!
Queen VII

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