Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Shirt Dress theory

When it is hot, so hot everything feels too tight, too sticky and uncomfortable, all I reach for in my closet is soft, loose jersey knit!  I guess this shirt/dress was on my wishlist and my awesome husband got it for me for my birthday!  I had to modify it a little and cut the loops where the belt would have gone and cinched it around my waist rather than my hips...  Much improved I think!  And FYI I am always PRO for wearing a shirt as a dress if deemed necessary or sexy!

Dress/Shirt, Jadore ring, Cameo on purse  F21.
Coach Bracelet, Fossil Watch.
Thrifted Purse.
Old Navy espadrilles from probably 6 seasons ago.

I had a lot of fun taking these pictures and felt comfortable in the fact there was a breeze I could actually feel!  It was a fun day spent downtown and running errands then going out for Mexican food... Mexican food in Germany... I'm just gonna say: NOT a good idea, but nice try :-)   Stickin to Palatinate German, Italian and Turkish food!

Queen VII 

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