Friday, July 2, 2010


I think I am losing my voice... my writer's voice... in doing outfit posts and daily blogs... or maybe I am just evolving... shedding an old layer and growing a new one. I am hopefully going to start working on my business degree soon! I am wondering what I can do with what I love? Writing, fashion, sales... maybe Retail Management? I am almost 25. I need to figure out who I really am and what I am capable of!

So today I finally sent off some documents, bought some drinks and stuff for tomorrow! Out here we are celebrating the 4th of July Independence day on the 3rd... Which is fine by me because Jorden is off on odd days this month so he gets to celebrate!

Today was another hotmug day... harem pants are the way to go!!!!

Ps... if you cant tell, I love my snakeskin flats!!!! I love snakeskin... its probably one of my fave animal prints. I love black and white and it just adds sometime special to the mix!

I have an awesome outfit planned for the festival tomorrow!!!!! can't wait to get dressed again!

Harem pants and tank from H&M. Light white vest from wet seal. Flats from random German store. Accessories from H&M and F21.


Queen VII

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