Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Funday...

So this Sunday has not been the most exciting. The Hubz has been working night shifts during a crazy exercise mock terrorism strike dealio... it sucks he says... they have to wear an entire chemwarfare outfit under their firebunkers... so basically they are a buncha sweaty ballzac guys who look like space man baked potatoes... BUT he gets to wear this underneath:

,55 Euro cents was well spent! Hahahaha!!!

Anyways... so we had enough time to go for a walk and then come back home to cook some spaghetti. It is incredible to me still that we live where we do. It is just so beautiful... henceforth I am going to attempt to do some hiking round abouts our home and castle!
I also spotted a few good photo sites! Excited and inspired!!!

I got to rock out my brand spankin new red Converse Hi-tops!!!! Playboy t-shirt and thrifted jean shorts!!!

Along our walk we spotted a moving dried up shrubbery... I think it was a hedgehog~~~

Anyways... i think i am going to sink into a melatonin coma and get some rest... the sun is shining bright still, which is always weird... tomorrow I think I will get up early and explore the woods more in depth!

Queen VII

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