Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Trust in Love and Lollipops

I wore this yesterday!  It was a dreary summer day in Germany and I almost liked it until it started to downpour... but it wasn't cold out so it was alright!

I didn't mean to get these pictures done with the lollipop, but I looked up at the sky and seized the moment.  Overcast skies are the best for lighting, I think!!! (except for glare... that explains my squinty, mean-girl looks.  I think I am a bit photophobic.)

About the outfit... I loved this tank top!!!  "Trust in Love."  Not to be cheesey, but I seriously believe that love can make so many things better.  On my back, my tattoo says "Love conquers all" in Latin.  I am a sucker for love I guess... I love easily...  Trust is another issue... but if I do love you, I will trust in you... most likely.  

What am I trying to say here???

Don't be difficult ... love people!!!

It's ok!

Tank top from New Yorker (4,95 euros!!)
Vintage beaded sweater vest
Accessories from Forever 21 and Claires
Side zipper Leggings from Forever 21
Black Converse Chuck T's
Harvey's Original Seatbelt Bag
Butterscotch dumdum!

Queen VII

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  1. zipper leggings, that's what i need! and overcast does make amazing photos!


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