Saturday, August 7, 2010

3 Year Anniverary: Leather

I have been married to the most wonderful man for almost 3 years!  September 15 is the date.  We were originally going to try to go to Ireland, but thanks to Air Force exercises and GI Joe games, no time off can be requested.

It's okay though.  I got some ideas up my sleeve.  I am just happy that he has the day off in general!  It'll be a great day.  I almost look forward to it as much as a birthday!  Being married is so wonderful!
Gift-wise I have an idea of what to get him...  it's not necessarily traditional so maybe I should try to find him something in the traditional category.

For 3rd Year Anniversary, the traditional gift is one of leather, or crystal.  I got him a leather jacket already and leather cuff bracelets and leather cuff wallets.  I don't think he needs anything made of crystal.  I have a couple more ideas, but we'll have to see what I can pull through.

My wishful desire (hint hint)  is definitely made of supple leather!
Chinese Laundry Tally Ho boots... size 8.  Now on sale at the Rammstein BX/PX for less than half the retail price.  Chinese Laundry shoes love my feet and my feet love them!

I also have love for some rain boots on sale via amazon and are already in the shopping cart!

Queen VII

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