Monday, August 23, 2010

Fall for dots

As soon as I speak of summer coming back it gets all rainy/stormy/humid/muggy outside.
I prefer cooler temps but the damp is a bit irritating.
I was so excited to wear my new poncho/jacket... best $3 I have spent lately!
I was not excited about not flat ironing my bangs... I look totally different... too curly.
I plan on restyling this cape/poncho a lot before it gets too cool for it.  It was perfect for the wet, humid weather.  The jeans were a great find, as I have been searching for purple jeans for around a year or so, and the new oxfords were definitely a good deal!  I love my newer round sunglasses and thought they would play off the dots on the cape...
What I wore:
Polkadot cape/poncho, thrifted.  Silence & Noise Jeans, thrifted! Black tank top, black oxfords, OnlYYou.  Longchamp bag.

I think I am going to start working on a shop linked with my blog... it's not going to compare with etsy ridiculous pricing!  I believe in thrifting and don't think it should cost so much for vintage... unless it's designer MAYBE... anyways... stay tuned for that.

Queen VII

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