Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ferns and Flowers

I never claim to be a hiker, or any form of outdoorsy, but getting out for a nice walk is refreshing when it's not too hot out.  I guess it's not that I'm not outdoorsy, I am just temperature sensitive and I don't care for bugs.  BUT, I love trees and flowers and mossy boulders.  I got a little bit of all of that yesterday on our little walk around the woods near our house.
  The shrubbery and the beautiful flowers and ferns totally made me feel comfortable in my outfit!  I love my new parrot sweatshirt/tee shirt!
Aveline has a love for nature... meaning that she picks up all the sticks, rocks, pinecones and acorns possible and loading them into her Barbie jeep!

There are also Blumen fields all over... you go to it, pick your flowers and pay for whatever flowers you take.  It's all about the honor system out here!  There weren't any gladiolas but there were tons of sunflowers!
I'm not that great at scenic photography, but I am trying!! Hahaha... giant bumblebees and sunflowers make great subjects.

What I wore:  Thrifted Parrot top.  Mossimo shorts from Target. Knee socks bought off ebay.  Gold accessories.  

Queen VII

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  1. Loooovee the parrot sweatwhirt! It reminds me of this sweater I saw the most adorable girl wearing that had a lighthouse on it. I'm all about those things. Things most people would consider tacky. Plus you look good in it, so it makes me feel like I would look good in it! Hehe
    p.s I freaking love the fact that you can walk to the Woods anytime you want. And the flower fields! That would be my heaven. I would probably waste all my money on flowers, if I got to pick them myself. So cool!


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