Saturday, August 21, 2010

Floh, Flea Haul!!!!

There is too much good thrifting in the area lately.  German flea markets are called Floh Markts and they are treasure troves!  Things for ,50 or 1 Euro!  There are antiques and clothes, crystal and toys and furs.  I went to an American and a German flea market today and got some great stuff!  I also gave Aveline her own dollar and let her buy what she wanted.  She came home with 4 old school Barbie Goldenbooks, a toy rhino, a seal beanie babie she named Ort-ort, and stuffed snake... with $.50 left!
I am not showing pics of everything I bought today because I found some presents I am saving for Christmas (I am constantly thinking about 2 holidays: Christmas and Halloween).
What I found/bought:
Silk polkadot blouse 1euro!
Black silky top with pearl embellishments,1 euro!
1960's skirt and top set! $2
Purple skinny side zip Silence & Noise jeans (Urban outfitters), $3!
Grey leather purse, vintage from London, 1 euro!
Sailor kitty sweatshirt, $.50
German Click camera, 50 eurocents
Hot water bladder, 1,50 euro
German Wein Pitcher, handpainted, vintage, 7 euros.
Gingham skirt for Aveline, 1 euro
Sound of Music VHS, $1.50!

I have also recently been to the Airmen's Attic and picked up some free stuff!  The Airmen's Attic is a place on base that is all donated stuff and everything in it is free.  You are limited to one basket and one electronic item.  I have gotten so much stuff and also donated back. 
I found bone china teacups, Coca Cola glasses, a real Southern cooking cookbook, Fancy Nancy board game and crystal candle holders for my bedside!  I also brougt home some combat boots, a printer/copy/scanner, a brass basket and a weird glass/enamel tree in a pot.

I don't have a job and try to do the best I can to save, amidst my shopping addiction!  But I am always on the hunt for bargains... you never know what you might find.

Queen VII

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