Friday, August 13, 2010

It's the details that matter

Lately I feel like I am a little off on my blogging game.  Distracted? Not sure.  Uninspired? Hardly.  I go to bed at night thinking about all the awesome outfits I could style.  I wake up to oddball weather, strange lighting, flat hair... I should blame no one but myself.  I guess I just need to work a little harder.

But that can be said about everything in life right now.  I need to work harder on school.  Harder on being a good mom and teaching Aveline things she needs to learn.  I really want to work on romance in my life with my guy.  Lately the melancholia of daily life and its distractions has really deterred the old romantic in me.  Candles and walks and cuddles... more of all that... and I am NOT a cuddler... so I guess that is saying a lot... that I need some husband cuddles.  I think I'll work on that tomorrow.

For now... a shoddy outfit post from yesterday...
I don't feel the shoot went very well, but I liked the outfit and I think it was about the little details.  I like the chiffon sleeves on the t-shirt.  I liked wearing the real pearls over the screen-printed ones...  the snakeskin flats against the contrast of filigree and denim...  The bow on the top and the waist bow for a belt...
I will also try harder not to have my necklace constantly on one side of my chest for future reference!

What I am wearing:  F21 Jeans in black, Forever 21 Twist top, Snakeskin flats from Sarah Moda.

Queen VII

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