Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Marc Jacobs inspired

One of the most brilliant minds in the fashion industry in this day and age is Marc Jacobs!  His signature line as well as his contributions to Louis Vuitton are impeccable!  His personal style is also an inspiration and was the inspiration for my outfit today!
What other man could pull off wearing a skirt (not a kilt) and a purse (a gaddamn Birkin for that matter) and still look sexy as hell!!!  I have a huge gay-boy crush on Marc Jacobs!!!  His husband is a very lucky guy :-)
Anyways... my outfit... very inspired and I have been wanting to do a Marc Jacobs tribute outfit...

The boots are steel-toed and quite heavy, but surprisingly comfortable.  My husband says these are the best boots but they are being outmoded because of the new ABU's.  Only green or tan boots for the troops so there is a surplus of the black ones, so I scored and got them for freebies!!!  I am annoyed my skirt looks so wrinkled.  I busted out my LV on a rainy day and the sun came out for a little while so I am happy!  I am proud of my coordinating...
the angles of the v-neck, the sunglasses, the LV bag monogram... I love the little details.
But besides that... Here is to Marc Jacobs! 

What I wore:
Thrifted J.Crew Skirt, American Apparel Deep V-Neck, Louis Vuitton bag, military combat climbing boots free from Airmen's Attic, Winged sunglasses from ebay.

Queen VII

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  1. Love that outfit on you! And one day I will have a Birkin bag... one day!


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