Saturday, August 7, 2010

Meow Katzen...

These pictures from yesterday turned out kinda shitty... even with photoshopping... i guess photographer and the photographed were not feeling the time of day or something...
But nonetheless I liked my outfit!  It was something actually a but out of the box for me!  It's vintage cheetah print from a German second-hand shop.  The shape of the dress is a little boxy but still girlie.  Totally late 80's, early 90's?  Not sure.  The background painting is on a garage door in my neighborhood! (German people are so much more colorful than Americans!)

I think this dress is definitely cuter in person than on camera.  I wore it with the leggings and patent flats.  An outfit my mums wore in Paris last last spring actually inspired the overall look.  I was also excited to wear my new modernized cat-eye sunglasses I just got in the mail!!!!

What I am wearing:  Vintage cheetah dress, 5 euros!  F21 Leggings. Flats from Payless.  Sunglasses from ebay.

Queen VII

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