Saturday, August 28, 2010

Schnitzel and noodles

One of my FAVORITE things about Germany is Schnitzel!!!!!  As Americans love their fried chicken, the Germans love their fried pork!  Douse it with sauce, dish up some fries on the side and you are good to go!

You can get Schnitzel in many varieties... Let me give you a little schnitzel lesson:
Weiner Art is serve plain with a lemon wedge (like fish n chips). Jagerschnitzel is with a brown gravy with mushrooms.  Ziguenerschnitzel is "Gypsy style" with a creamy, spicey gravy with peppers.  Some restaurants even have it Cordon Bleu style, Hawaiin style, or Parmigiano style...
My favorite I think is the Rahmschnitzel... It's a cream gravy, sometimes with mushrooms... totally delicious!

Usually at restaurants schnitzel is priced anywhere from 7,50 euros to 12 euros or more!  We headed to Globus and found the ingredients and created ourselves a schnitzel dinner at home for around 6 euros!!!  And traditionally schnitzel is served with pommes (fries) or spatzle (noodles), only one or the other... I like both so I cooked both at home!
Here it is!  Everything covered in the gravy!!!  So delicious... I really over-ate this meal!

What you need:
Pork cutlet (or chicken if you don't eat pork) pounded out thin.  Apply breading after egg wash, fry in vegetable oil.  Make it nice and crispy.
Egg noodles, boil then saute in butter, salt and parsley.
I used a bag of oven fries from the freezer, seasoned with sea salt and parsley.

The Rahmsauce is a little trickier.  I use a packet mix by Knorr, but if you can make a cream sauce from scratch, or look up rahm sauce recipes on the internet then you are good to go.  Also, a cream or mushroom gravy mix by McCormick's might give you a similar taste.
Try this recipe and watch the Sound of Music and feel oh so Bavarian/German/Austrian!!!!
Just know... be warned... this is NOT low fat! ;-)

Queen VII

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