Sunday, September 12, 2010


Sorry I have been MIA...
I got sick... a pretty damn bad cold...
and I am a big baby when I get sick...
I basically fall apart.
BUT, there has been some awesome stuff that still happened!  Rockstar Birthday Party, Weinfest in Bad Durkheim.  I haven't been taking any true-to-form outfit photos, so I guess I'll just have to redo an outfit here and there... but being sick... I have been wearing t shirts, tanks and slouchy harem pants or my trusty Vans cargo pants.  Maybe I'll do a fun post on loungewear??? it's an idea.

There is just a lot of other stuff going on too.  I have a busy couple weeks coming up for school, my 3 year anniversary with my husband, and trying to reschedule my trip to Dublin because the Air Force is kinda frustrating about giving leave... they give it, schedule it and reschedule it whenever they want... sucktards.

me and my best friend Bex!
I don't know if I like my hubs as a rockstar... its kinda weird!
Here are some pictures from the rockstar party!  I rocked a mod mini dress over some F21 leggings and some serious military issue combat boots... heavy duty!!  And my hair was sprayed within an inch of its life... highly flammable.  Probably not a good idea for a bbq.  The party was so fun!  I love theme parties the best!
on a ride with my Avii
Schwarzriesling and kasespatzle... happiness!
This is the only full pic of my outfit I think I got.  I LOVE my new lace top from F21 (since I can't afford any of the American Apparel lace stuff right now).  I wore it with jean shorts, super cute grey tights and camel boots.  Gold and grey accessories, and my vintage coach bag completed the look. I had a cute jacket to match, but I can restyle it with that later!

Any how... I am bracing for this week coming up.  I still feel like crap and need to get so much done.  Wish me luck and I really hope I get out of the cold medicine funk....

Queen VII

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