Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kulinarische Marche. food and wine hike!

So sorry I have been slightly MIA... been super busy and kinda stressed and just needed a little break I suppose.  But I am BACK!
Sunday was definitely a fun day!
Who doesn't like hiking... and by hiking I mean slightly paved and gravely trails through beautiful countryside?
and on said hike, who wouldn't enjoy 8 stops for food and wine?!
I was awesome.  You pay 5 euros at the beginning and you get a small glass on a lanyard... probably about 0,2L and at every stop you only pay 1 euro to get it filled!!!  There are so many great wines to try and so many culinary treats... it took up most of the day because it is so leisurely... I like the way Germans do things!
I have a million pics on my FB so check them out there if you want to see more, but here is what I wore:
What I wore:  F21 Jeans and Lace T-shirt;  Classic tall Uggs; Military jacket, super old from Rave; vintage Coach purse;  Gold accessories.

This outfit was perfect to wear because it was cool and sunny at the same time.  The Uggs are always a good choice on long walks.

Anyways... this post is turning out kind of lame... Maybe tomorrow's will be better.
Has anyone been to any fun events in Napa Valley?  I am dying to go to the California Wine country.  I have gone through the Paso Robles wine country on the way to and from Cambria , but it's not the same as Napa!

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