Thursday, September 30, 2010

Paris lately...

I am trying to book a hotel room in Paris right now and it's pretty difficult, even considering we will be there a couple days after fashion week ends, but still... maybe there are some lingerers... I just need to step up my game as far as styling goes I guess.  I am packing packing packing some good stuff, for both Dublin and Paris, so stay tuned!!!!
From what I have seen of fashion week, here are my faves:

Having Amber Valleta in the show is just awesome!  She is so beautiful and fit in perfectly.  I loved the shoes and the bold prints... kind of a strange houndstoothy thing going on.  The textures were so interesting too... not pretty, but awesome in such a cool way.

Dries Van Noten was totally my favorite so far!  I am looking for more sequins and a tuxedo jacket!!! Love it!  I still definitely need to find some great pants... always a tough thing, but gotta get away from leggings and wear real pants some day again.  I didn't love all the colors, but the fabrics were perfect!

Balmain was interesting and rocker edgy, but at the same time, I feel like it's nothing really new or too interesting, but I love a skinny cropped pant, and always lots of metal...

And last for now... Manish Arora... what is going on?!?!?  Not wearable per say but I love color... I am going to be so sick of pastels and camel and neutral tones...  there better be some color in the future.  I love yellow-green, teal, red, gold... great colors. And high five for the side ponytails!

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  1. love these outfits!! that's really awesome you're gonna be in Paris!! I want to go there someday. hope you find a hotel :)!



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