Friday, September 24, 2010

Pic-a-nic in the park(ing lot)

So the other day was, as it appears, the last day of good weather for a while... I knew it was coming...
I am honestly not the most outdoorsy person...  I am perfectly happy in climate-controled comfort...
But my lil fam bam loves to be out of the house and out of doors so we decided to take advantage and go on a picnic, and it turned out great!
We packed up our pic-a-nic basket with chips, a few sweets, stopped by the commissary and grabbed some sammiches.  Avii likes hers with meat, cheese, cucumbers and pickles with a teeny bit o mayo.  I got a salami and cheese in a spinach wrap.  We brought along my lil Heineken crate speakers so we could sing some Glee tunes in the park.  We were supposed to eat over by the lake Gelterswoog, but the gates were closed and we didn't know which way to hike to get there.  We basically plopped down in the parking field because it was so beautiful and shady anyways.

I love picnics because you can just relax, eat some food, avoid the hubbub and enjoy some fresh air.  Don't get all fancy and over-complicated about it!

I love my family so much and this was just a nice way to enjoy the warmth and sunshine and each other's company... no distractions... except some ants... but what's a picnic without a few ants?
Queen VII

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