Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bag sale blessings!

As I procrastinate on doing the schoolwork that is minimized on my screen I have to stop and brag about recent thrifting excursions!!!  MAJOR scoresies  my friends, major scoresies!!!
What's on the wishlist lately?  On mine: maxi skirts, blousey blouses, sheer, silky, lacey, levis.
I have been having my bestie stay with me lately while her husband is away and she is an awesome roommate to have!  I finally hit the thrift store with her today and scored!  It was $4 bag sale day!  Fill a bag and only pay $4!!
Here are some things I found:
Aveline's first Dooney & Burke! Earmuffs and candy colored belt.

Black Levi's 501's!!!!!  soon to be awesome shorts to be worn with tights!

Maxi skirts in khaki, floral, gray. Pretty slacks!

Mauve jumper, sheer cream colored blouses, black swing jacket, paisley apron, green silky blousey jacket...
 Major deals!!!!  I also scored the most amazing loafers... I might be glueing them to my feet!
This is what I wore and what Bex wore today! Comfy and cute, although not exactly suited for the muy schilly willy cold weather that krept up on us!

What I wore:  Thrifted stripey blouse, black F21 skinny jeans, black oxfords, H&M clutch.
What Bex wore:  F21 tights, charlotte Russe top and shorts.  New hair cut and colored by yours truly!!

I am going to have to figure out a good way to do outfit posts indoors... work on the lighting or something... It's getting too cold and it's going to be nasty out soon enough.  Basically all anyone will see of my outfits are boots and coats and I don't have too many of those!

But anyways, thrifting was awesome.  The best finds were the floral maxi skirt, the 501's and the teeny tiney Dooney bag!  She carries it everywhere we go! So damn cute!!!!  I have been feeling a little stressed lately, so this was a great little stress reliever and $8 well spent!

anyways... back to the schoolwork before I fall asleep!
Queen VII

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