Friday, October 22, 2010

Round Peg Square Hole

I don't know what is with me lately... just been feeling so unwell and awkward.  Maybe its because of a true change of the season?  Maybe a true change in my own life needs to happen and I shouldn't stop it anymore.  I tend to get super emo whenever I am not feeling good for a long time and lately I have felt pretty awful.  I just have a general feeling of unhealthiness and it needs to change.  I am thinking of truly going pescatarian, drinking nothing but water and fruit juices and teas... and making some physical changes.  I am much too sendentary for my own good. 
In feeling kind of frumpy I haven't put too much effort into getting dressed, so I decided to try something different and dress up cutesy just because.  Polka dots are always cutesy and cheerful.

I felt comfortable and girly.  It's been a long time since I have done the sleeked back ponytail... I don't think it's for me... headache inducing, and my husband hated it, but you get a good flash of my blue hair!

What I wore:  silk polkadot blouse, vintage. Cream colored bubble dress underneath.  Vintage belt.  Stockings from F21.  Flats from New Look.  Pearls to play off of the polka dots!

My Avii trying to do her outfit pose! Just like mommy!

Playing with the new camera lens.

Just for fun.

Hopefully I can be stronger and happier and healthier if I make these positive changes for myself.  I think it will reflect better on my family as well.


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