Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Hey everyone!  Sorry I haven't written in a few... I have been having waaay too much fun spending time with my family, and at the same time being miserable with schoolwork... but economics is over and I finally have a little time to write!
My parents are so amazing and fun and energetic and generous.  It is fantastic to travel with them.  They appreciate all they get to see, are adventurous with trying new things, they keep pace and can go on and on for hours, and they always look good doing it!
Antwerp is a place that has been on my list for a while.  We had an amazing stay in the beautiful city, even though the weather was a bit chilly and damp... that's Europe in the fall for ya...
We stayed across the street from Central Station (which is cathedral-like on its own) along "Diamond Alley."  I have never seen so many diamonds and Jewish people in my life!  It was so interesting... and SPARKLY!
The culture and history of the city was fantastic!  I am so glad we were able to visit!

shopping on the Meir

That's what 6 carats looks like!!!

Centraal station

to throw the hand

great shop found thanks to anabeth at TheStylingDutchman.blogspot.com

What I wore:  Green jersey turtleneck, F21 skirt and coat, buckle boots from a shop downtown, brown knee high socks over black tights, Lonchamp purse and shopping bag with new longchamp purse courtesy of my mums!!! xoxoxo

Queen VII

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