Tuesday, December 7, 2010

the 3's of me

This started out as a Facebook note but I thought it would be fun to put here, considering I write most of my notes and ramblings here!

Three Jobs I had in my Life
1. Bakery Shop counter girl!
2. Bank teller for SAFE CU
3. Stay at home mom... the hardest job EVER. 

Three Places I have Lived
1. Antelope, California
2.San Diego, California
3. Landstuhl, Germany

 Things I will never be
1. A morning person
2. Blonde (i was once, but never again)
3. Able to stick to a routine (it really is utterly impossible for me)

Three TV Shows that I Watch.
1. Mad Men
2.True Blood
3. Re-runs Friends

Three Places I have Been
1. Dublin, Ireland
2. Prague, CZ
3. Holland (fave!)

Three of My Favorite Foods
1. Spicey Johnny sushi roll
2. Adalbertos bean/cheese/guac burrito w/pico de gallo
3. my mom's tortilla soup!

Three of my favorite body parts  
1. Lips, because I love kisses more than anything
2. Back, because I have awesome tattoos there
3. legs (including feet)... without which I could not wear awesome shoes or dance!

Three of my longest known friends (out of many...)
2. Jennie
3. KTK and Rebecca (I feel like I have known you forever!)

Three Things I am Looking Forward to
1. Christmas morning, because I am basically a little kid with a little kid, so it's extra fun!
2. Getting back to California in the spring!
3. Becoming someone inspiring!

Three Things that ALWAYS come first 
1. Taking care of my husband and daughter
2. Staying true to myself, who I am, and what I want in life
3. Being there for my close friends and family

Three Things that are in my car right now
1.The seashell sliver my mom gave me when I first got the "rocketship"
2. My $2 "swiss" army knife that has helped me numerous times
3. Avii's carseat

 Three Things that I did Today
1. Went sledding with Aveline through the "spooky" woods!
2. Ate fish and chips for dinner
3. the same things I do every other day: clean, play, blog, schoolwork, chat online with friends, photo edit
(maybe I can have a routine!)

what are the 3's of you?!

Queen VII

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