Thursday, December 9, 2010

Best Discovery!

So I found out about this new website!  And I think it might make some dreams come true for some glam girls out there!!!
The website is called Rent The Runway and the concept behind it is wonderful!  Rent designer dresses for your event for anywhere from $50-$200!  The dresses come drycleaned and with a prepaid envelope to return it in.  You book the dress ahead of time and get it for 4 days.  They even have amazing accessories you can rent and lingerie you can buy!  The dress selection is beyond incredible!  My dream of wearing an Herve' Leger or a Halston Heritage may yet come true!
Rental $50.  Retail $325.

Rental $50. Retail $395

Rental $150.  Retail $1600.
I want to have a Sex and the City or Gossip Girl party just so I can have a reason to rent a dress!
So sign up and plan ahead for your next holiday party or birthday or anniversary!  Why should the rich and famous be the only ones to borrow fabulous clothes?!  RTR also has stylists that you can call to make sure you rent the right pieces and accessorize it well!
Jenn and Jenny are brilliant ladies!!!

Queen VII

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  1. I love the second one! I wouldn't like to rent things though. I'd have to buy it. Im weird like that.

    Marja <3


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